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PRINCE2 Introduction

publié le 06/21/2006 01:58 PM par Marnik DEMETS

What is PRINCE2? Why is it good?


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Survey about Project Successes demonstrate that a larger part of started projects never deliver the results they were started up for, but in fact that is pretty normal: projects are temporary organizations that deliver one time results on the edge of business development. The number of uncertainties, risks, issues and changes during a project are huge, almost by definition. The key for success is not to avoid these, but to apply sound management methods so the effects are under control.

PRINCE2 is a best practice governed by OGC (compare to ITIL) for Project Management, utterly adapted for managing IT Projects. Main benefits of PRINCE2 are:

• Sound definition of decision taking moments versus execution;
• Roles and responsibilities are well defined, enabling effectiveness and efficiency of decision talking;
• Structured involvement of all stakeholders on the right issues;
• Structural incorporation of risks, issues and changes in the Project proceedings;
• Framework for qualifying risks, issues and changes in relation to whom owns them;
• Process for Quality Improvement;
• Sound framework avoiding “losing” important topics and guarantee delivery of as well technical, quality as management products.

Following PRINCE2, projects are built around a Business Case, which is owned by the requestor (Business) and which is gradually fine-tuned with the Supplier, involving very early the User (where the Business Value will be realized!) for alignment. Sound application of the roles of the Steering Committee, the Project Manager and the Project actors will considerably increase the chances of satisfaction of everybody involved. Also the “Staged Approach” regarding project decisions and proceedings will increase effectiveness of Project Steering and Management.

Last but not least, PRINCE2 knowledge is governed by Accreditations and Certifications, guaranteeing quality of training and providing an objective evaluation of PRINCE2 competencies.

Marnik Demets
Managing Director
MSD Partners


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